Title: Coalescence

Label: F-ire Collective

Catalogue Number: F-IRE CD 69

Release Date: May 2013

Track List:
1 – Puma
2 – What Is Real
3 – Little Woman, Lonely Wing
4 – Flotsam and Jetsam
5 – The Juicemaster
6 – Gentle Piece
7 – Gneiss
8 – I Bet You Want Blood
9 – Reckoner
10 – Light up Yourself

Laura Cole – bandleader, piano/composer/arranger
Chris Williams – alto sax
John Martin – tenor/soprano sax
Kerry Andrew – vocals/loops
Tom Greenhalgh – drums
Paul Sandy – bass

Recorded at Eastcote Studios, London, April 2012 by Philip Bagenal and George Murphy (* Track 10 was recorded at Savile and Chrome Studios, Leeds, by Barkley McKay, April 2012; first mix also by Barkley McKay at Valley Wood Studio, Leeds)

Special guests:
Track 4: Seth Bennett, double bass
Track 5: Chris Montague, guitar
Track 9: Thea Spiers and Yvonna Magda, violins; Nick Williams, viola; Adam Spiers, cello; Seth Bennett, double bass
Track 10: The Bennett-Cole Orchestra: Ollie Dover, soprano sax; Richard Scott, baritone sax; Helen Baines, clarinet; Richard Ormrod, alto sax/bass clarinet; Chris Burge and Tom I’Anson, trombones; Paul Moore, tuba; Yvonna Magda and Heather Cordwell, violins; Nick Williams, viola; Sarah Henderson, cello; Seth Bennett, double bass; Katie Patterson, percussion; John Arnesen, drums

Mixed and mastered by Will Worsley at Coda-Cola Studios, London.
Produced by Laura Cole.